How Remote Notarization Works

How Does a Remote Online Notary Work?

Easiest Answer: We meet via a webcam (like Zoom)

  1. You or your closing agent contacts me to request a remote online notarization.

  2. You or your closing agent uploads your documents so they can be signed and notarized. Typically, the document is uploaded in an electronic format such as PDF to the online technology platform used to perform the notarization.

  3. Your identity is screened according to the requirements of Washington state. This may include answering questions based on your personal and credit history (KBA), verifying your identification documents online (credential analysis), I remotely view your ID during the notarization, or other methods set by statute.

  4. During the remote online notarization, you and I communicate online using audiovisual technology — for example, via webcam. We don't meet face to face*.

  5. Once your identity has been verified and all other requirements for the notarization have been completed, both you and I must sign the document and my Notary seal attached. For electronic documents, this requires electronic signatures and an electronic version of my Notary seal.

  6. I record any required information for my Notary journal records. I will also retain an audio and video recording of the notarization session.

  7. The remotely notarized document is returned to you and your closing agent.

  8. A typical residential or commercial closing takes less than 60 minutes.

The most common non-loan documents I can Notarize are:




Copy Certification

Signature Witnessing

*Limited on-site mobile Notary service in KING County. I serve every County in Washington State via Remote Online Notary services.